Obstacle Course

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Web workers, which may not be supported by Internet Explorer 9 or earlier Explorer versions, count up in seconds. See how long you keep up the above game by pressing the web worker's start button before starting the game and stop button upon finishing the game.

When racing several thousand meters, in any type of long distance racing, one must concentrate always reacting to terrain and wind changes (both direction and velocity) and competitors suddenly accelerating.

The game goes on so long as you avoid obstacles. The game is over when you hit an obstacle. To re-start the game, hit your browser's back button, then the forward button. Arrows <-- --> represent these buttons on some browsers.

The above game, where I can change the game piece's color and size and the speed at which you see the obstacles, though not guaranteed to do so, may help you upkeep your concentration by having you react to changes.

The game is based on slalom, a type of alpine ski racing, but is now gaining traction amongst runners who can easily zig-zag through a cluster of aligned trees, posts placed across meadow or post placed for a uphill run. Posts positioning depends on whose operating the meet. Posts need not be placed an equal distance apart.


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