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Search engine optimization, or search engine optimizer, each called SEO, means using hyperlinks plus coding and placing keywords and keyword phrases on webpages hoping to raise each webpages' ranking on database and meta search engines without guarantee the rise occurs.

Domain owners using SEO hope higher placing on search engines causes more people using the search engines to click through via hyperlinks on the search engine they are using to the domain owners' websites. There is no guarantee this happens.

Domain owners using SEO need patience since search engine spiders may take several days to arrive at and crawl a domain owner's website.

Spiders from many search engines crawl websites several times per week. Others, not so much, or not at all. When Verizon's purchase of Yahoo is complete, I hope Verizon installs a spider since Yahoo currently operates without a spider.

Businesses, rich enough to do so, pay for SEO by hiring SEO copyrighters to provide website content and web developers to place keywords into businesses' webpages. Companies providing SEO services have sprung up throughout the world. Before hiring an SEO service company, a business would research the SEO company's record of honesty and success.

There are online SEO tutorials for DIY motivated domain owners game to SEO their way. Learn to use SEO tactics, backlinks, link exchanges, and various keyword tactics. Beware black hat SEO tactics use may get your domain banned from search engines.

SEO is one way of promoting a website and its content but is by far not the only means since offline and online advertising are available and should be used. Offline means using print, radio, and television advertising. Several online tactics, such as banner and contextual advertising, pay per click, and sponsored listings.


When using database and meta search engines, there is no cost for any of the following.

SEO, as a marketing means is popular since many domain owners jump at the chance at getting visitors to their website (called impressions) without having to pay. But employing any company or person to perform SEO services, as mentioned earlier, means SEO marketing is not free.


For a monthly fee of a few hundred to several thousand dollars, listed below are the services you can expect from an SEO copywriting business depending on what you are willing to pay for. Of course, you can learn to perform this work yourself.


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