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Highlighted in yellow below and usually available in Google's webmaster tools account is Google's email of an SEO penalty Google is applying against your website. As made clear by Google in their email, Google is applying the penalty, which can mean a reduction or removal of your webpages from Google's organic SERPs, because Google has evidence, the proof of which Google does not provide, you were buying links, participating in link schemes or possibly both.

"Google Webmaster Tools notice of unnatural links detected to (website address)

Dear Site Owner or Webmaster of (website address),

We've detected some of your webpages maybe using techniques outside Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

Specifically, look for artificial or unnatural links which maybe pointing to your site that could be intended to manipulate PageRank. Examples of unnatural linking could be buying links to pass PageRank or participating in link schemes.

We encourage you to make changes to your site, so that it meets our Quality Guidelines. Once you've made these changes, please submit your site for reconsideration in Google's search results.

If you find unnatural links to your site that you are unable to control or remove, please provide the information in your reconsideration request.

If you have additional questions about how to resolve this issue, please see our Webmaster Help Forum for support.

Yours sincerely,
Google Search Quality Team

Business letters start with the author's name and contact information, followed by the date of writing, and the person being written to along with their contact information. That is followed by "Dear (name of person being written to)". The letter follows and is signed by the author whose name is atop the page.

Google's SEO penalty email, as you can see above, is not signed by anyone and is not specifically addressed to anyone. Many business people will likely get ticked off by this lack of professionalism by Google's staff and the accusation of the unnamed person being crooked contained within the email.

Monthly, Google applies 200 000 algorithmic SEO penalties and 400 000 manual SEO penalties against domain owners. Algorithmic SEO penalties are laid by algorithms programmed in Google's search spider. Manual SEO penalties are laid by Google's staff.

Since only 20 000 take Google up on their appeal, one wonders how many domain owners are not appealing due to Google's SEO penalty email being accusatory and lacking professionalism.

Search engines set many algorithms so their spiders can crawl and rank webpages in the search engine's organic SERPs. Without notice, the owners and operators of search engines can change, create, or delete algorithms. Any of this can have a negative or positive effect on a webpage. Domain owners, do you really want to do business with Google who changes or invents algorithms without notice and immediately reduces or removes webpages or entire domains from their search engine's organic SERPs?

PageRank is one of the earliest algorithms used by Google.

Google's SEO penalty email says your webpages are being penalized with either reduction or removal from Google's organic SERPs for an "attempt" to manipulate PageRank via buying links, participating in link schemes or both. Google does not prove how buying links, participating in link schemes or both manipulates PageRank or if your domain benefitted in Google's SERPs rankings from buying links, participating in link schemes or both.

Buying Links

The sellers of links are online advertising networks which are legal and professionally operated businesses which have delivered sales to their customers. The vast majority of advertising networks have excellent reputations for honesty with A+ BBB ratings and in some cases no complaints against them with the BBB.

Domain owners using advertising networks to drive sales are not doing anything illegal and, in fact, are following accepted marketing practices.

Advertising networks are competitors to Google's Adwords program which works similar to any advertising network. Since Google has offered no proof that buying links, participating in link schemes or both manipulates PageRank, is Google by penalizing in Google's organic SERPs webpages whose domain owners are using advertising networks simply trying to put down businesses competitive to Adwords?

Domain owners whose webpages are removed or ranking reduced in Google's organic SERPs can become Adwords clients. Is Google reducing or removing from organic webpages and entire domains from Google's organic SERPs an attempt by Google to increase Adword clients?

Why appeal a Google SEO penalty against one or more of your webpages if the advertising networks you are buying links from are driving your sales?

Link Schemes

If your webpage URLs are listed in directories or you exchanging URL links with domains are themed differently from your domain constitutes participating in link schemes will cause a reduction or removal of your links from Google's search engines organic SERPs. If such links are helping your domain gain an audience plus sell goods and services why walk away from link schemes and appeal just to get back into Google's good graces given the fact Google could adopt new algorithms, or change or delete current algorithms to the negative effect of your domain?

In 2013, Forrest Hayes, a Google executive, died when a hooker, Alix Tichelman, injected Hayes with a lethal dose of illegal narcotics. Tichelman has since served a sentence for involuntary manslaughter and, at the time this article is being authored, is scheduled to be deported to her native Canada by USA authorities.

So Google, who has played high and mighty and has been so overzealous and sanctimonious when calling website owners crooks and kicking them out of Google's AdSense and SEO programs, was along hiding one of their employee's addiction to illegal narcotics and participation in illicit sex.

Google never identifies employees applying AdSense and SEO penalties many of which have been bizarre.

Is Google protecting employees into illegal narcotics, illicit sex, and other crimes?

How often do strung out Google employees, who may also be in the euphoria of illegal sex, applying AdSense and SEO penalties?

Police say it is not their job to investigate Google for the crimes described above. So the AdSense and SEO penalties will continue against domain owners and webmasters who may have done nothing wrong, penalties which may have been applied by crooked Google employees.

When Google penalizes a website, it is easy for the domain owner to fire the webmaster and hire a new webmaster. That means the fired webmaster, who did nothing wrong is looking for work having no clue their unemployment resulted from the illegal activities of Google employees. The fired webmaster may also be living off taxpayers by collecting unemployment insurance.

Why appeal a Google SEO penalty when someone into illegal narcotics and illicit sex could be deciding your appeal? Why appeal a Google SEO penalty when Google was hiding an employee's illegalities?

In 2013, Toronto's city council removed Rob Ford's power as mayor because Rob Ford was addicted to cocaine, an illegal narcotic. Totally, sick the City of Toronto continues doing business with Google, 2013 to today, even though Google had an employee into illegal narcotics and illicit sex.

The City of Toronto, and many of its elected councillors, have their websites on Google.

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