SEO Penalty
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Reconsideration application

If exclusively using SEO for advertising, you as the domain owner, and any company or SEO person you are employing in house, must work to get your website back in the search engine's good graces. Otherwise, watch your organic impressions drop, leading to less sales of any products and services you are selling via your domain. This work, step by step described below, is arduous, long, painstaking, and not guaranteed to work.

Reasons why the above steps may not work includes you, and whomever helped you, guessed wrong as to which backlinks caused a penalty against your domain. Your guessing occurs since Google does not tell you which backlinks caused your penalty. Why does Google not give you all the evidence you need to apply for reconsideration?

You may have guessed right as to which backlinks caused your penalty but search engine employees and owners can continue penalizing your domain if domain owners who caused your domain's penalty refuse to remove backlinks to your website.

Whether or not your appeal is successful, you should always use a plethora of marketing tactics diversifying impression gains for your domain and the products and services it sells. Always evaluate if the impressions you are receiving from search engines are bringing the desired level of sales for products and services you are selling from your domain. Search engines are not there to help you sell but make their own profits.

Avoid future penalties, or penalties in the first place, by checking your backlinks and asking for removal of backlinks to your domain from domain owners whose backlinks to your domain can cause an SEO penalty. Immediately, provide search engines with proof you contacted such domain owners if these domain owners do not remove backlinks to your domain from their domains.

Rank Recovery

If your appeal was successful, recovering the ranking of each of your webpages is the next step. There is no easy or fast solution here. You must perform the steps that got you the ranking and hope this time you don't get penalized and fine your webpages back at ground zero.

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