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Presto Card

Ottawa's public transit has the following fare payment systems.

Day pass
Family day pass
Paper passes. Toronto says Metropass
POP transfers: needed with cash fares and tickets. Toronto currently uses paper transfers
Tickets. Toronto only uses tokens

The only rule in the above is Presto has to be the cheapest form of fare payment.

Public transit in London, Ontario, does not use Presto and offers the following variety of ride payment options.

Monthly pass*: Citi, Post Secondary, Seniors, Weekday
Tuition passes for London, Ontario, colleges*
*: Photo Identification Cards needed

Yet, by January 1, 2018, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) will switch to only cash fares or Presto card payment with cash fares being more expensive than the Presto card payment. So why can't Toronto be like Ottawa and simply add Presto as a form of fare payment to already existing forms of fare payment?

Not being mentioned by the TTC is the following.

Presto's staff is rude to clients and crooked costing one client 350CD and another 122CD. Presto cards, loaded with cash, sometimes don't work. Presto is owned and operated by Ontario's government which the gas power plant cancelation scandal has proven to be crooked. It is not shocking Presto's staff is crooked since Presto is owned and operated by crooks.

Presto cards are sold by presto for 6CD. Not mentioned is a .25CD for negative balances, a type of overdraft protection, when a card owner uses more rides than the card is loaded for. But the system can also stop use of the card for insufficient funds.

Presto's Facebook page says it takes up to 24 hours for payments to be processed. This means clients cannot use Presto immediately after injecting cash into their Presto accounts.

Con artist use websites like Kijiji to sell Presto cards which work for awhile and then stop working.

There are many other complaints about Presto.

There is nobody to advocate for clients cheated out of their money by Presto's staff.

Though Metropass and token fraud occurs, the City of Toronto, its mayor, and the TTC, should not be telling TTC clients to give their money to a crooked Ontario government if the clients wish to continue riding the TTC.

Presto Refund Policy

Click here to familiarize yourself with Presto's refund policy.

Those wanting a refund, will need to fill out and print out the correct online refund form and either mail or deliver the form and their Presto card to Presto HQ in downtown T.O. Form A is if your balance is $50+. Form B is if your balance is $50-.

Expect a long fight or wait for your refund instead of the promised 4-6 weeks.

TTC Fare Evaders

The following article published in the Toronto Sun newspaper Fare Evaders says Presto Card owners are allowed TTC rides for free if the TTC vehicle the Presto Card user steps on does not have working Presto Card readers.

The article also says teenagers are riding the TTC for free claiming to TTC operators they are under 12 years old. However, the TTC recently announced Presto Cards and photographic identification for riders aged 6 - 18 years old.

More Presto Card problems

The following link describes a pot pourri of Presto Card problems many public transit riders have had.

A number of Presto Card customers have listed a number of problems. Everything form Presto Cards not working to broken microchips in Presto Cards causing customers to have to buy a new Presto Card at the customer's cost.

Please carefully read the website. Know and learn all the Presto Card problems customers have had or are having and how Presto Card's does not help them.


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