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Use strategies if needed or for fun when running the miles below.

Chinese Number Square

Fill in each cell below with the numbers 1-9, use each number just once, so that, each of the diagonal lines, each of the three horizontal lines, and each of the three vertical lines, sum to fifteen.

The point of this drill, taken from an old Chinese number square, is to prove to those running fifteen training miles per week during a macrocycle, there are different ways of configuring those fifteen weekly training miles for different racing distances.

Nor matter how many weekly training miles you run, whether to be competitive or for fitness, there are different ways of configuring those miles.

For example, think of the number of ways there are to cut down the marathon's 26 mile, 385 yard distance configured as training weeks for different racing distances.

In fact, any number of miles, whether it is 50 miles, 100 miles, or longer, can be configured into weekly training distances. In fact, this is what coaches do for their athletes or athletes without coaches do for themselves.

Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect training week any athlete can use each week year round. Training mileage is adjusted weekly often by large amounts. For example, an athlete could run 90 to 110 miles per week but run only 50 miles during their race week.


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