Negative SEO
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Negative SEO

SEO scammers, or anyone else who has an ax to grind against a website, its owners, and / or its employees, knowing Google and other search engines in part decide from backlinks where in their organic SERPs to place webpages or to even delete webpages from their organic listings, deliberately take to article writing, blogging, fake news, free classified, review, social media, and any website which will accept their submissions and deliberately place inaccurate and negative information about a website and hyperlink to one or more of the website's webpages. This is negative SEO, activities designed to make a website, and / or the products and services it sells, look bad in hopes of diminishing or having a website deleted from search engine organic SERPs.

Google has a disavow link in their webmaster tools which is free to sign up for and must be used whenever Google informs you of such unauthorized backlinks. You must disavow these bad hyperlinks before Google assesses a SEO penalty on your webpages which means Google has diminished or deleted your website's webpages from their organic listings. Google does offer you a reconsideration appeal to their penalty but the onus is on you to at least try to make these lying hyperlinks disappear.

Many have told me disavowing hyperlinks and appeals for reconsideration do not work. No explanation from Google on this leaving the conclusion Google is legitimizing the work of scammers.

Google does not tell webmasters all bad hyperlinks but will penalize webpages disparaged by the bad hyperlinks.

This video posting, placing the emphasis on the penalized and not scammers, is Google's only response.

Scammers should be easy for Google to trace since scammers often use alias names and freebie email addresses but often the same computer. Why is Google including articles and hyperlinks by scammers when deciding organic SERPs rankings when the owner of the domain the scammers are linking to or writing about has not given Google any permission to include such articles or hyperlinks in their organic SERPs rankings?Domain owners: do you really want to have anything to do with Google who would take anything scammers say seriously?

Duplicating your website's content, hacking websites, planting malware on websites to destroy the websites content or reduce the website's uptime, are also negative SEO methods. Listed below are ways of combating negative SEO. Some of these acts, because they destroy or slow a website's ability to make money, maybe illegal and should be reported to police or a lawyer for civil litigation.

Threatening a website's clients, employees, and owners, including their families, with death or physical harm is illegal in some nations. Knowing of this illegality, SEO scammers, use aliases or impersonate people on freebie email addresses when emailing their threats. These matters need to be reported to a lawyer or police. Showing Google these threats or other SEO scam methods, which often occur before Google laid a SEO penalty on your webpages, does not result in a successful reconsideration appeal. Does Google care more about the scammers who are using criminal methods rather than crime victims?

Fighting SEO scammers


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Google has invented algorithms to keep crooks from taking advantage of their search engine. Yet, Google deletes webpages from its organic SERPs based on outright lies by SEO scammers. Often, it is those same scammers, using freebie email addresses, signing up for Google's webmaster tools which they use to give Google information on the phony hyperlinks they have created to webpages. So Google is accepting phony evidence from crooks.

Google will also allow into their paid listings, via Ad Words, websites Google deletes from their free organic listings.

Domain owners:

Do you really want to be involved with Google who can instantly makes decisions against you based on evidence they receive from crooks and then allow you to pay them for listing your webpages?


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