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Listed to the right ---> are a number of means of marketing a website, meaning bringing unique impressions to your website, plus the products and services being sold via the website. Businesses often use a plethora of ways, at various costs, to market their website plus the products and services sold via the website.

<--- Listed to the left are means of keeping impressions on your website. Bring unique impressions to your website. Keep impressions on your website or keep them coming back. That is how web marketing happens.

Domains whose addresses start "wiki" provide simple definitions of each of the marketing means mentioned here. Type the marketing headings as search terms into database search engines for more involved definitions or strategies of each of the above. There are also many companies, who for a price, specialize in each of the above. Take your time learning definitions and strategies so you will know what questions to ask a company if you ever need to employ them.


Before paying any company for marketing services, check if the company is any good via previous clients which the company you are trying to pay for services should have a list of. Check out that list if the company provides you a list of current and previous satisfied clients.

Also, use, review websites, scam listing websites, and other consumer advocate websites to investigate the company you wish to pay for services.

Investigate if the company has violated or has been accused of violating any laws (including criminal laws) or regulations.

Also, check out the company on websites listing if the company mistreats and stiffs of salary its employees.

If the company insists you sign a contract, only sign that contract on the advice of a business lawyer who will represent you in case of dispute.

Don't do businesses with companies who have violated one or more of the above.

Don't perform the above investigations and likely get burned.


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