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In competition, and often in training, laps are run around 200 and 400 meter tracks.

In training, laps are run anywhere. Around large and small sports playing fields such as basketball courts and soccer fields or around urban structures like buildings and parking lots. Training laps are usually run anywhere the athlete can find.

Laps can be run clockwise, counter clockwise or perhaps, when training off track, by alternating running laps in one direction and then the next. Out & back works here by running one lap in one direction. Then reversing course and running a quicker lap in the opposing direction.

In Toronto, Canada, when it is too cold or inclement to run outside, athletes run in the corridors of residential buildings. Out & back is performed on each lap here since the second leg of each lap is run faster than the first leg.

When training, mix lap running with any of the strategies presented on Indian running works if you have a group as does sprint fartlek over apart of the workout or its entirety.

Lap running courses need not be circular as shown above and can be jagged edged or created from straight and curved lines as demonstrated below where you can run from Point A to Point B to Point C, both in straight lines, and from Point C to Point A on a semi-circular path.

A soccer field can be used for any courses which are rectangular, triangular, or any shape you can think of.



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