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Lunarpages, for your hosting needs


A series of running repetitions ranging from shortest to longest runs. The runs can occur within one workout as in the examples below or during a training week as presented below. Ladder workouts can be used no matter what running distance one trains for or if one simply runs for fitness.

18 mile run
2Exercise upper body
310 mile run
4Exercise legs
512 mile run
6Exercise mid-section
7Day off

There are many other examples of using a ladder over a week or longer training period.

Harry Wilson recommended athletes running 80 to 200 meters in increasing 10 meter increments.

Peter Coe had Sebastien run 100 to 200 meters in increasing 10 meter increments.

Wilf Paish used 120, 140, 160, 180, and 200 meters for peter Elliot's workouts.

These is a great example of taking an idea from someone else, not following the proposed workout exactly, but getting great results.

When working on a 400 meter track where the 110 meter hurdle spacings exist, I start each running repetition from the tenth to the first hurdle position completing each run around the adjacent trzck's curve.


A circuit ladder goes like this on a 400 meter track's marked out straightaway.

Many other ladder circuits can be performed on a track or anywhere else. I have used each of the following for ladder circuits or running workouts.

I work whereever space is available. When performing circuits, I usually perform the push-ups at a startline. I perform the sit-ups up at a mid-point in between the start and end line. i perform the knee bends at the end line and sprint back to the startline.


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