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Group Out & Back

A group out & back sees a group of athletes running from Point A to Point B. When the first athlete reaches Point B, all athletes simultaneously about face and run to Point A. In this case, the athlete who was slowest during the run's first half is the rabbit during the run's second half. See the illustration below for 6 athletes though a minimum of two athletes are needed.

6 5 4 3 2 1
6 5 4 3 2 1

When using group out and backs, a rule can be put in place to make sure the slowest athlete is not too far back from the fastest athlete during the run's first half. This rule would be in place so athletes deliberately do not hang back creating a farcical second leg.

Group out & backs, like the out & back, trains athletes to conserve their body's energy for an endurance race's second half. The workout proposed here also trains athletes leading the run's 2nd half to keep the lead and trains athletes trailing during the run's 2nd half to pass the leader.

For example, when using a short course such as running a soccer field goal line to goal line and back, when the first athlete reaches the second goal line completing the run's first half, the slowest athlete must be inside the large penalty box closest to that goal line. All athletes not within the penalty box are disqualified.

When running a long course, such as several miles of a street, the slowest athlete might be within one telephone pole of the fastest athlete. Athletes more than one telephone pole back of the fastest athlete, are disqualified.

The fastest athletes participating in a group out & back can wear weighted knapsacks to reduce the possibility of the above described procedures from being applied.

Track straightaways, where each athlete gets a lane to themselves, as demonstrated above, is another way of running group out and backs. Running goal line to goal line on sports playing fields also works.

Group out & backs can be performed by as little as two people, perhaps a couple on a running date. Perhaps you put together a group from among your acquaintances.

Use the below calendar to decide a date you can bring a group of athletes together to perform a group out & back. Advertise your workout's chosen date, place, and time, on a free classified or social media website. Cross your fingers that people will join you.

Use the window below to practice your advertising copy.

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Group out & backs are not a business. Find a place for the workout which is free to use. Don't charge anyone for their participation. Keep the fun in running.


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