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Government jobs pay handsomely with fringe benefits and are usually unionized. But some jobs are minimum wage and require certification. If you are looking for current openings with a specific federal or Ontario government department, in the menu above, click on the "National" link under the "Canada" menu and the "Province" link under the "Ontario" menu. After that you must click around those websites.

In the links above, adhere to job application deadlines, online job application forms, or requests to email, fax, or mail covering letters & CVs.

Jobs can be full-time, part-time, or temporary (sometimes called "fixed term") and are usually unionized.

Applicants to OPP, Toronto fire fighter, and Toronto police jobs (except for civilian jobs) must attend an information session before submitting job applications to these companies. Applicants for these positions must provide proof of CPR, driver's license, & standard first aid certification. Police officers must run 1.5 miles within 12 minutes

Government departments and ministries usually keep applications on file for six months. Some departments, such as Toronto fire fighter, require applicants to pay a $50 non-refundable fee.

Census & Election Jobs

The Canada menu above contains the Census Canada website.

The above menu bar contains the websites for Elections Canada, Ontario, and T.O. Election websites for GTA cities are in the city menu. use these websites to apply for jobs whenever a census or an election is called.

Toronto Fire Department Jobs


Must be able to operate computers without using a mouse.

Shifts are 7am - 5pm and 5pm one evening to 7am the next morning. Must be available for both shifts including weekdays, weekends, and holidays. Work schedule is 168 hours per 4 week block.

Fire Fighters

Salaries start at $50 000+ per year. Must work weekdays, weekends, and holidays.

Scheduled to work blocks of seven 24 hour shifts, from 7am one morning to 7am the next morning, i.e., 168 hours over a 4 week period. Each 4 week block contains 3 weeks of 2 shifts per week and one week of one shift.

Fire fighters must in 200 seconds pass a 10 drill circuit including running upstairs and carrying an unconscience person to safety.

Read the job application precedures and job application form.


Needs a community college diploma in fire inspecting gained at one's own expense.

Work hours are 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday, holidays and weekends off, inspecting busineeses and residences for fire code violations.

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