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Lunarpages, for your hosting needs has never had anything to do with,,,,

Google's search engine is also advertising online directories falsely claiming is based in at 1350 Beverly in Reston, Virginia. has always been run from Toronto, Canada, and has nothing to do with anyone in Reston, Virginia. Google and the online directories have been told to remove these false listings but have refused to do so. does not have any social media websites. Anyone starting blogs or social media websites with Xsmo in the site address or uses xsmo as a username is not me.

Google's spiders keep trying to index though I have blocked out. Obviously, some scammer has signed up for Google's webmaster tools via a freebie email address, told Google is the scammer's web address, and keeps getting Google's search spider to try and index Since Google takes the word of scammers, there is no use having anything to do with Google.

The American Department of Labor (USDoL) has sued Google wanting Google to turnover records showing if Google has been paying men and women performing the same work the same amount of money. Google tells court it cannot afford the $100 000 cost of finding and turning over salary records. is owned my Google. Advertisers have been pulling out of their Youtube advertising contracts since Google has been running advertiser commercials on anti-Semitic offensive videos. has also been restricting access to pro-homosexual videos.


Go & ogle combined to form a name rhyming with any word ending with an "gill" sound, including the Montreal university, McGill. You get Google by replacing the second g in goggle with an o.


Google has offices around the world, but is headquartered at, and has the mailing address

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, California 94043

This address, originally of 2 000 000 square feet, is called the Googleplex. In 2015, Google opened a temporary visitor center for those who wished to tour Google's headquarters. Before this only Google employees and their family or friends were allowed into the facility. In 2015, the complex's size increased to 3 100 000 square feet


Google's owners have registered,, and just about every Google. Country code there is.


If you try emailing the following email addresses, you likely get an automated reply saying your email was not delivered

Other Google personnel has email addresses that do work. Gmail accounts will be discussed on their own page

Legal Action

Google, whenever legal action is filed against them immediately releases a statement saying the action is without merit. However, Google was fined by USA's government when proof emerged Apple and Google conspired not to hire each other's employees

Online Contact

Google's online contact page, is a set of links leading to other pages, including popups, and is unnecessarily complicated to use. The page allows visitors to connect with Google about anything including delivering civil subpoenas. Google has offices the world over but their Toronto, Canada, telephone number does not answer and there is no local email or fax. Google Glass is not named as a product


Since 2015, Google has been owned by a company called Alphabet


Google stock, under the NASDAQ symbols, GOOG & GOOGL, are each currently selling for over $700USD per share and growing. Stock sales should be done via a broker who will charge you a fee for the sale and fees for stock management

Subdomain has several subdomains, including maps, product forums, and research

Telephone Numbers

Google has many toll free numbers which are only recorded messages. If you leave a message, it is rarely returned. However, you may get an answer if you know the direct numbers to Google personnel.

  • Avoid advertising networks such as Google's Adsense because when it comes time to paying people, Google often finds minor contractual clauses not to pay affiliates who have no way of fighting back. If you were not paid by Google, call them at 1 877 763 9805, 1 877 721 1737, or reply to the email they sent you saying they were not going to pay you. Most networks will give the publisher carrying their advertising a warning before shutting down their advertising being displayed on the publisher's website. But Google foregoes any warning and simply shuts down their advertising on a publisher's website.

  • Avoid affiliate marketing networks such as Commission Junction and Share A Sale, who like Google, finds reasons not to pay their affiliates. Affiliate marketing programs on are run by the client and not by affiliate marketing networks.

  • Before signing up for any company's affiliate marketing program or advertising network, check their BBB file and online reviews about how the company treats its affiliates and customers. Also make sure the affiliate marketing program fits with your website's content.

There are many pay per click advertising and affiliate marketing networks and they all work the same way.


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