Employment programs

Must meet qualifications Must meet deadlines

Etobicoke, Scarborough, and Toronto, all have art councils who are supposed to assist artisis, authors, and filmmakers. There are also new media centres across the city to help graphic artists and website designers. These councils and centres are not ERCs and are funded by the City of Toronto, Ontario's government, and the Toronto District School Board.

The above listed programs cover authors, film makers,and publishers. No money is granted for authors and publishers of internet websites.

Business Startup Programs
Access Community Capital Fund Small business loans
Farm StartSelf-EmploymentStart your own farm
Federal Business GrantsLike provincial programs,
many applicants are disqualified
Microskills Women's Self-EmploymentOn E.I. or Reach BackMust have a viable idea
Ontario Self-Employment BenefitSee belowSee below
Self-EmploymentOn E.I. or Reach Back + $5500Operating your own business
CYBFMust be 18-34 years oldSmall business for youth

Ontario's government, through Ontario's Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities, provides the Ontario Self-Employment Benefit to E.I. recipients who have a viable business idea. The exception to this is somebody who has received E.I. while on parental leave within the last 5 years and is now re-entering the work force.

The cash and up to 10 weeks of business training are provided through some of the ERCs named below who are responsible for telling the MTCU about the idea. The cash is non-refundable and MTCU decides the amount received.

No idea have well this program, or any of the other ones, are doing in creating and maintaining long lasting jobs.

Disability & WSIB
Below are links to the 3 types of disability payment websites. Each has its own qualifications. There are no guarantees of qualification or the amount of money one will receive. Please read through and follow all the instructions available through the links below

CPP Pension Disability

Canada's government pays CPP Pension Disability to injured workers who are unable to work but have have paid CPP.


There are 2 forms to fill out. The applicant fills out one form. The applicant and the doctor treating the injury fill out the secind form.


The Ontario Government's Ministry of Community and Social Services pays Income Support and/or Employment Support to disabled workers whose injuries last one or more years. Here is the ODSP law. Click here to read about ODSP payments.


The ODSP applcation forms are available online via the links above.

Workman's Safety Insurace Board

WSIB is for on the job injuries. The WSIB prosecutes employers who break the WSIB law.

Ontario Works

Ontario Works receipients are usually ineligible for ODSP payments.
Apply for E.I. if you have worked 950 hours within the last 52 weeks and are currently unemployed, ill, caring for an infant or adopted child, or have lost 40% of your income while caring for a seriously ill family member given up to 26 weeks to live.

E.I. is also available for the self-employed

Currently, 549 000 of the 1 400 000 unemployed Canadians receive E.I. benefits. Starting sometime in 2013, the following changes will occur to those receiving E.I. benefits. The federal Conservative government does not need parliament's consent to make these changes and has no job creation plans. Since coming to power in february 2006, the Conservatives have maintained Canada's E.I. rate over 7%.

  1. Long tenured claimants, meaning those employed for the past 7-to-10 years in one field, can for the first 18 weeks receipt of E.I. benefits refuse jobs outside their usual occupation not paying at least 90 per cent of their previous hourly wage. After 18 weeks of receiving E.I. benefits, they must accept any offer in a "similar occupation" within their industry that pays at least 80 per cent of their previous scale.

  2. "Frequent claimants" who have received E.I. benefits at least thrice for a total of 60 weeks over the past 5 years, must accept work paying at least 80 per cent of their previous wage rate from the beginning. After 6 weeks, they must accept any work they are qualified for, even if it is not in the same field, at 70 per cent of the previous pay.

  3. "Occasional claimants", who represent about 58% of claimants including those with up to 6 years steady employment who have never previously collected E.I., must accept work paying at least 90 per cent of their previous scale in the first six weeks, 80 per cent in the next 12 weeks, and 70 per cent after 18 weeks on benefits.

  4. Claimants must accept work within an hour's commute of their home, longer in big cities, where average commutes are longer.

  5. Decisions on whether a claimant should receive or should continue to receive E.I. benefits will be made by Conservative Party appointed bureaucrats in Ottawa and not locally.

  6. Claimants will be emailed 2 jobs per day from the Job Bank which is not the best place to look for work. Below are two of many examples of this.

    - In 2009, Jobbank.gc.ca refused to kick off an employer who wanted me to work w.o. vacation pay and said his company would pay me only after I worked an unspecified amount of hours. Otherwise, I would not bwe paid. The PM did not even answer my email on this.

    - In 2008, an employer advertised a Tuesday to Saturday job, but there was only one Saturday afternoon's work.

From 1995 -2003, when the Conservative Party, now the federal government, was Ontario's government, they passed laws to disqualify Ontario Works claimants.

Seek to join other employment programs listed on this page if you have been kicked off E.I.

Click here to see E.I. and other programs Service Canada administers to. Call 1 800 O Canada or click here to find a Service Canada centre near you.

Employment Resource Centres
For all job seekers
Employment Resource Centres (ERCs) are funded by Canada's government and Ontario's Ministry of training, Colleges, and Universities. ERCs also fund raise.

ERCs are for all job seekers. ERCs on post secondary campuses are only for current students of that institution.

ERCs used to be places where job seekers found internet connected computers to browse job websites.

On August 3, 2010, Ontario's government, without protest from the opposition parties, forced ERCs the government funds to take out most of their computers and hire staff. This has caused job seekers to flock to Toronto public libraries to find internet connected computers which can browse job websites while the August 3, 2010, ERC hired staff sits around.

ERCs used to hand out free floppy disks to job seekers. Now, job seekers must type out their resumes on MS Word (available on ERC internet connected computers) each time they mail out their resumes. This means, job seekers must spend more time applying for jobs rather than searching for jobs.

In fact, after Ontario's government spent millions of dollars, many ERC staff sit around and tell job seekers to:

  1. Cold call companies from telephone directories without knowing if the company is hiring or knowing who in the company to call;

  2. Network by calling people they know in high places, a system which cannot work if the job seeker doesn't have such connections; or,

  3. Simply hand the job seeker a list of career websites.
ERCs continue to be places where

  1. Employment counsellors critique or help job seekers write resumes;

  2. Employment counsellors conduct rudimentary mock interviews so job seekers can train in answering questions. In mock interviews, employment counsellors can train job seekers to for example answer difficult queries like why there is an employment gap in the job seekers' resume;

  3. Job seekers can access fax machines, laser jet printers, photocopiers, shredders, and scanners. ERCs limit job seekers to a 10-15 page photocopier and printer limit per day.

  4. Counselors fill out forms for employment programs.

  1. Information sessions where company recruiters tell job seekers their hiring tactics and the company's career paths.

  2. Job fairs where one or more employers hire people.

  3. Free classes and workshops into CV writing, interviewing, email, job search and search engine websites, plus MS Excel and Word use, PDF file creation, and other job search related subjects.

ERCs are open various hours. Each ERC sets its own hours. Below are the open hours for ERCs in my neighbourhood.

In September 2011, an ERC near Bathurst & Steeles West asked job seekers for money in return for finding them work. the ERC wanted to take money off the pay cheques of job seekers they found work for.

In May 2012, thie same ERC, was not allowing job seekers who were registered at other ERCs to pre-register for a job fair this ERC was holding.

Contact the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and University (the chief funder of this ERC), if you encounter problems with them. Please register at other ERCs.

Information Sessions
At , also called open houses companies explain career paths and their recruiting process.

Some City of Toronto departments, eg., fire department, charge a non-refundable $50 fee to process job applications.

Some police departments will only process applications after the applicant has CPR and First Aid certificates and has attended an information session.

Date / TimeLocationFacts
Sat. Nov. 2 9am - 2pmTruck Transportation Career Information

  • On your Lunarpages website upload your resume, references, licenses, and educational credentials. Government funded employment resource centres, which are located across Toronto and are free to use, have scanners which assist with uploads.

  • Use your Lunarpages website to author texts describing your skills in detail. Upload video of yourself working. Describe how your job interviews went. I can help with webpage design, authoring texts, and uploads.

  • With a Lunarpages website prepare questions to ask at job interviews.

  • Record companies you applied to. You can print out the list if you are receiving Employment Insurance and the federal government wants to see it. This list can be kept on the message board which comes with all Lunarpages websites.
Ontario Works
The term "welfare" is no more and has been replaced by Ontario Works. The City of Toronto offers its citizens payments through Ontario Works provided the citizen qualifies

Read the FAQ on application and other procedures

Filling the application form online will take at least 30 muinutes. Make sure to have the cost of your mortgage, rent, car payments, debts, money owed, plus sources of income including E.I. & OAS receipts, investment income, and pay stubs.

Once the application is filled out, it will be reviewed and you will be invited for an interview

Priority Neighbourhoods
T.O.'s municipal government's designated "priority neighbourhoods" are listed below. I have no explanations from the City of Toronto as to how these designations apply to job creation or job finding. Employers often check this list and don't hire people who live in these neighbourhoods assumming they are or associate with crooks.

No 2015 Pan Am Games events are occurring in these neighbourhoods giving these neighbourhoods no promised Games benefits. Did Games organisers deliberately avoid these neighbourhoods? Why is there no emphasis to hire people from these neighbourhoods to work at the 2015 Pan Am Games?

Toronto's Priority Neighbourhoods
Crescent Town M4B & M4C
Dorset Park M1P
Eglinton East - Kennedy Park M1K, M1J
Flemingdon Park - Victoria Village M3A, M3C & M4A
Kingston-Galloway M1G, M1E
Jamestown - Rexdale M9V
Jane-Finch M9L, M9M, M3N, M3L
Malvern M1B
Regent Park M5A
Scarborough Village M1M
Steeles-L'Amoureaux M1S, M1T, M1V, M1W
St. Jamestown M4X
Westminister-Branson M2R
Weston-St. Dennis M9P, M9N, M6N

Programs for high school students
Community Involvement High school students Volunteer for 40 hours See your school principal
See Below
Law In Action For Grades 10-12 students Experience law activities Email Sarah Pole
or call: 416 978 5148
Ontario Government
Youth Apprenticeship (OYAP)
For Grades 11-12 students Attend high school & simultaneously
earn a trade certification
Email for deadline
& application form


During the 1990s, Ontario's government passed a law forcing high schoolers to work 40 volunteer hours or not get the diploma they earned. This page says the idea is supposed to teach pupils what they can do in public life. Yet, pupils can work for free in private industry. In short, slave labour.

Many companies are taking advantage of this by offering high schoolers non-paying jobs describing their positions as "internships" and "volunteer"

High schoolers, do not accept non-paying jobs. Contact your MPP about repealing this law. Click here to find your school board.

Many who voted for this law have gained since

    Bob Runciman is now a Canadian senator

    Jim Flaherty, John Baird, and Tony Clement, are current Canadian cabinet ministers

    Ontario's Liberal government has not taken down this law.

    Tim Hudak is now leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party

    John Hastings, who represented the riding of Etobicoke North at the time, now is a Toronto public school trustee

Programs for post secondary students
2nd CareerSee "2nd Career" belowSee "2nd Career" below
Federal apprenticeship grantsEnrolled in red seal
trades training
Receive $1000 - $4000 in
taxable federal grants
Ontario ApprenticeshipsCompleted high schoolVarious programs
OSAPFor post secondary students Hold cursor here
Paid Ontario Gov't InternshipsCollege or university graduation
withing the last 2 years
Intern in an Ontario
gov't department
For university students Foreign nation
must accept you
More Employment Programs
Career ExplorationUnsure of careerDecides your career choices
Job Creation PartnershipE.I. or Reach BackTemporary work for E.I. recipients
Job finding clubE.I., Reach BackJob finding group
Working for a virtual company

E.I. or Reach Back Permanent work for
E.I. recipients

The biggest problems with programs listed on this webpage include job seekers unable to qualify and a lack of information on whether or not these programs are working.

2nd Career

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