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All workouts described on are my original work or adapted by me from other referenced work. In the latter cases, hyperlinks are provided.

Perform each workout on, under the following conditions. No exceptions.

- At your own risks.

- Having taken all safety precautions.

- Without liability to me or any organization or person involved in the advertising, marketing, promotions, or sales of my manuscript.

- On the advice of a practicing physician familiar with your health and to whom you have shown this manuscript.

- Without guarantee of achieving your competitive or fitness goals.

- Knowing there are many more training ideas than the ones presented on this website's webpages.

Reduce the possibility of cramps, muscle pulls, and torn muscles caused by lactate buildup in your body by performing the following stretching exercises before and post workout or any other time you feel stiff. Hold each stretch for thirty to sixty seconds by counting down from sixty or thirty to zero. You can also count up if you feel this is best for you.

Place your palms and the toes of one foot against a wall. Keep your other foot flat on the ground but kick it as far back as possible. Feel a stretch in the calf of the kicked back leg. Switch legs, and stretch the other calf.

Stretch your groin muscles by spreading your legs while keeping your feet aligned and remaining standing. Place your palms on the ground to maintain balance.

Sit with one leg folded under you and the other stretched out in front of you. Lay back and feel the stretch in the quadriceps of the folded leg. Over time, a novice runner will learn to keep the folded leg's knee pressed to the ground accounting for a greater stretch. Novice runners have difficulty pressing the folded leg's knee to the ground and need to practice this stretch until they get it right. Switch legs and stretch the other quadriceps.

Sit as described above and bend forward to touch the toes of your stretched out leg with the fingers of the hand on the same side of the body as your straight leg. This stretches your straight leg's hamstring muscles. Switch legs and stretch the other leg's hamstring muscles.

Stretch the back by bending backwards and placing your palms on the floor behind you or by laying on your back and crossing one leg over the other bent at the knee.

Loosen the rotator cuff by spinning your arms backwards one at a time.

Stretch your triceps by bending one arm at the elbow and using your free arm to pull the free arm over your head. Dip to the free arm's side of the body. Feel a stretch in the pulled over arm's triceps and along the pulled over arm's side of the body. Switch arms and stretch the other triceps and side.

Stretch the neck by rotating it counter and clockwise or by turning the neck either side.

Perform other stretching exercises as needed.'s author, domain owner, host, publisher and advertisers are not responsible for any injury, stress or crime committed against you accidently or deliberately by people you choose to meet and their possessions after posting or answering invites to meet on Impressions are liable for legal actions against, its author, domain owner, host and publisher.

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No Magic Training Week
Running training schedules are multi-phased and change weekly. There is no training week an athlete can perform each training week as Steve Ovett's training proves.
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