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Lunarpages for your hosting needs,

Customer Service

Your website, especially if you are selling products and services, should have a "contact us" page where people can email you or your customer service department, assuming you have one, with queries. The address for this page should be, and should contain the following information.

Email Address

This can be an email address such as,,, or Make sure you, or somebody you are employing, answers these emails. But these email addresses are open to spam. So perhaps you wish to use an online form described under a below heading.


A frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, which is usually in Q&A format, can be designed with sliders, tabs, or both. A web developer, such as myself, can help design an FAQ page. Immediately below is an example of what an FAQ page will look like when designed only in Html.

Question: Does your company ship products COD or courier?

Answer: We do both.

Fax, Mailing Address

Please make sure to include a fax and mailing address for you company on its contact page for those who need to communicate in writing but do not use email. If you don't have an office, there are photocopying centers and private mail boxes which can help you here.

Live Chat

Html coding allows you to embed a telephone number, which when dialed, is answered by a live operator 24/7/365, assuming you keep your customer service operating for that long, who can answer customer queries about the following.

  • Products and services your company sells, including your company's sales and returns policies, shipping and handling fees, and forms of payment your company accepts.

  • Can easily lookup if products ordered by a customer have been shipped, and, if possible, their arrival date. Remember products can be shipped cash on delivery through nation's postal service or via a private courier service.

  • Your customer service telephone number can be cellular, local landline, or toll free. Answering services are available for your employment. Make sure to fill them in on your policies (including discounts), products, and services.

Online Forms

A search term such as "email forms" typed into a database or meta search engines' search box will bring you the html or javascript code for online email forms which can be cut and pasted into your website.

Lunarpages, for a $4.95 per month hosting fee, provides under the "customer support" icon in the "categories" section of their Cpanel, a series of free and easy to use customer service forms for you to use if you chose. These customer service forms are listed below.

  • Crafty Syntax Live Help
  • Exo PHP Desk
  • Faveo Helpdesk
  • Help Center Live
  • Help Desk Z
  • Help D E Zk
  • Hesk
  • IQ Desk
  • Maian Support
  • Mibew Messenger
  • OS Ticket
  • Php My FAQ
  • Php Online
  • Support Incident Tracker
  • Trellis Desk
  • Vision Helpdesk is free to use. Attach to your online email contact forms to impede spammers from using robots to automatically send you thousands of unwanted emails.

Also, report to police any emails you receive which are illegal. Even if police refuse to accept the complaint or investigate, you can still tell a court, if a case ever gets there, that you tried to perform your civic duty.

Contact Lunarpages was the email address I used whenever I needed to query Lunarpages. They used to send me back an automated email and a day later a "technician" would respond. These days, there is no automated email and rarely does someone respond. Lunarpages now uses the following contact method.

You need to signup to submit a ticket to Lunarpages customer service. The signup is free. There is no guarantee of a reply to your query. answers your billing questions and is the email address from which you will receive reminders when it is time to renew your account.

More Lunarpages email addresses, fax and telephone numbers. Lunarpages telephone support is only available Monday to Friday, 7am - 5pm Pacific time. Be sure to use the telephone corresponding to your area of the world. Lunarpages toll free telephone number works only for Canada & USA.

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