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Lunarpages, for your hosting needs

<--- Tools for 4.95 USD per month hosting --->

Listed to the left --> are features available at no extra cost to clients paying Lunarpages a 4.95 USD monthly hosting fee. Wiki websites can explain each of these features. Lunarpages defines each feature listed to the right and tells clients how to use them.

Also available to clients paying Lunarpages a 4.95 USD monthly hosting fee is the Softaculous apps installer which allows the downloads of 354 scripts allowing Lunarpages clients to run their websites anyway they want. Demonstrations and download instructions of various Softaculous apps features are available to Lunarpages clients upon signup. Check out the Softaculous features, ---> which includes everything from blogging tools to shopping carts, and sign up with Lunarpages.

Listed below are costs you should expect to pay a web hosting company

Domain Registration Fee

With Lunarpages, you have a one time 20USD registration fee for each domain you register through them. If you change hosting companies, your new hosting company may charge you an annual domain registration fee. When registering a domain, ask the company who will be hosting your website the domain registration fee cost and how often you need to pay it. A domain registration usually lasts for one year and must be renewed annually.

Costs, Payment Methods

Website hosting companies usually have a number of hosting plans and multiple ways of paying for each of them. The cheapest monthly plans are the ones allowing you to pay for 12+ months at once.

Lunarpages allows for payment in USD via the following methods.

Bank draft

Cheque: certified cheque, electronic cheque, personal cheque

Credit card: American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa. No other charge accounts accepted.

Online: Paypal, PayByCash

If mailing payments, make payments payable to Add2Net Inc.,

Mail payments to the following.

Add2Net Inc.
Lunarpages Division / Affiliates
1360 North Hancock Street
Anaheim, California 92807

Lunarpages registers domains and hosts websites for businesses and people from around the world. Check with Lunarpages for payment options for your nation since not all of the above listed payment options are available to all clients from all nations.

The cheapest hosting plans are the ones allowing you to pay for 12+ months. Lunarpages hosting plans range from $3.95US per month for new clients to Cloud clients paying $44.95 per month. Many Lunarpages clients pay $4.95US per month, 60 months paid at once. Lunarpages will never cajole clients into upgrading to more expensive hosting plans.

Click around Lunarpages and find out what digital tools and services one gets with each hosting plan.

Optional Fees

The following charges are optional for Lunarpages clients. Lunarpages will never cajole a client into signing up for the following charges.

Lunarpages has extra cost such as $7.95US annually for SSL certificates. That allows domain owners who have sign up forms for their websites or who are selling products and services from their websites to have https:// pages where the "s" means security ensuring clients of a secure login, signup, or transaction pages. The address for Lunarpages login and signup pages each start https://.

Lunarpages charges an annual $7.95US fee to keep the domain owner's name, address, telephone number, and other contact or identifiable information private from websites such as and other websites which publish such information.

Lunarpages has an A+ rating. Check client reviews of Lunarpages by typing "Lunarpages reviews" into database and meta search engine boxes.

Contact Lunarpages

Email Lunarpages if you have questions regarding or wish to confirm any of the above.

Now that you have seen Lunarpages hosting plans, optional fees and payment methods, are you ready for your own domain?

Employment Costs

Many people say operating their own domain is too expensive since they would have to employ the following people or businesses specializing in any or all of the following.

But you could read many of the tutorial websites on the web and learn to DIY each of the above.


Database and meta search engines, Bing included, have picked up this webpage's meta description. In fact, search engines, if not blocked out, have picked up meta descriptions for many of's webpages. So why are some SEO people saying Bing and similar search engines have programmed their spiders with algorithms to ignore meta codes?


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