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People with Indian accents keep calling my home saying they are from Bell Canada and want to be paid to come to my home and check my telephone lines.

Bell Canada has made the following facts clear.

Bell Canada has not hired any call centers to perform telemarketing on their behalf.

Bell Canada is not getting any help from Toronto police as to who is making these telephone calls. It should be pointed out that Toronto police are controlled by Toronto Mayor John Tory who used to work for Bell Canada's competiitor, Rogers Communications. How long will Mayor John Tory play corporate politics and allow this scam to continue?

Bell Canada has a telephone number, 611, for their customers to call whenever repair work is needed. Calling 611, or speaking to an employee at any Bell Canada store, will tell you the callers are con artists.

The callers are con artists for the above and following reasons.

The callers always use English sounding names which given their Indian accents is a lie.

The call display never works though Canadian law says telemarketers must not hide, screen, or display a false telephone number for themselves.

The telemarketers never say where they are calling from, what their company's address is, what their telephone number is.

The telemarketers keep calling even though they have been told we know they are con artists and have repeatedly told them not to call.

These are the same telemarketers who were calling Canadians and falsely saying they were the Canada Revenue Agency and were collecting owed taxes from people who did not owe any taxes. In fact, these con artists pulled their telemarketing scam around the world saying they were different tax agencies.

These con artists have called me in the past saying I owed money on a ministerial license even though I did not. In fact, they used the name APPCO, Bell Canada's door to door marketing company. Women con artists working for this company said they were Hollywood actress, Vanessa Marcil, and murder victim, Annie Li.

They often called my home and asked for someone who didn't exist and say they were a company called CCI and ask for my computer's serial number.

The three types of telephone calls stopped after Indian police raided the company making 70 arrest. Obviously, these people are out of jail and at it again.

These con artist constantly send me spam emails trying to sell me keywords for websites I work with. They always spam using freebie email addresses which causes the domain owning the email website to disable the spamming email address. The email senders never say the business they work for nor give out any identifying information about the company. SEO businesses do not spam, identify themselves, and always use emails on their own domain.

How long will Toronto police, and Toronto Mayor John Tory, do the following?

Let this con occur?

Allow people to be scammed by these Bell Canada impersonating con artists?

Since the con artists are saying they will send someone to a person's home, why can't police setup a sting operation? Since December 2017, these con artists have been coming monthly door to door in my neighborhood with falsified "government" identification and saying they have been sent by the "government". They ask for money to inspect people's homes.

John Tory, let people get scammed and nobody in 2018 has to vote for you to return as Toronto's mayor. Know your story, Mr. Tory.


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