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Native Americans used race cross country longer than marathon distances kicking along a small hardcovered ball about the size of a croquet ball. Native Americans had no means of measuring distances, so the race distance estimates were made by white men. Native americans had no set distances for this race and made up rules just before the race or as the race occurred. There are also rumors cpaturing, killing, or maiming enemy braves.

Fartlek is Swedish for "run as you please" or "speed play". Perform fartlek by kicking a ball around a field and chasing after it. Upkeep the workout until failure or pick a number and perform that amount of short sprints. Ball fartlek workouts can last a few to many minutes depending upon how long you and others, if you are working in a group, can tax yourselves. The field used can be formal, like a soccer field, or it can perhaps be a meadow. Yes, the ball can also be kicked uphill. Any size ball can be used.

Ball fartlek, as mentioned above, can also be performed by a group with whomever getting to the ball first kicking the ball and all others chasing after it. Upkeep until failure or a pre-set number of short sprints. Ball fartlek groups can be mixed gender, include athletes of different sprinting velocities, and athletes competing at different distances.

When performing ball fartlek on a soccer field, kick the ball out of bounds or into the stands and chase it. Remember, climbing builds the quadriceps.

Kick and chase the ball around the center ring.

When performing ball fartlek alone or in a group, only tally the number of short sprints since it is impossible to calculate the distance of each short sprint.

Repeated short sprints with little rest can build one's capacity to work in lactate buildup and oxygen depth, called lactic anaerobic energy. That makes ball fartlek workouts especially good for events 400 meters to 1000 meters long.

Ball fartlek, when performed in a group, like 800 meter, 1000 meter, and indoor 400 meter races, involves alot of sprinting in traffic and jockeying for position as each athlete tries to get to the ball first and kick the ball in a direction making it difficult for other athletes participating in the workout to get to the ball. Ball fartlek group workouts involve strategizing such as hanging back and kicking the ball over the finish line. Group ball fartlek workouts can be intense depending on how competitive the group performing the workouts wants to be.

Ball fartlek, whether performed alone or by groups, can be a fun workout but can also prepare you for races. Notice how we have a workout inspired by both, Native Americans and Swedes.

Ball fartlek can also be done by using any size or shaped ball, including tennis and rugby balls, picking up and throwing the ball around.

Sylvestor Stallone chasing a chicken around in Rocky was also a form of fartlek.

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