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Backlinks, or inbound links

Means placing hyperlinks to your website on other similarly themed websites. Since businesses will not link to each other, thereby promoting competitor websites, businesses have taken to online article and phony review writing, blogging, creating social media pages, planting fake news and posting on free classified websites. Google's spider's Hummingbird, PageRank, Panda & Penguin algorithms have diminished backlinks use as an SEO means. There are businesses and freelancers who will perform the methodical work, perhaps over years, to create backlinks for websites.

Link exchanges, or link building

Means a website places on their website hyperlinks to your website in return for you placing hyperlinks from your website to their website. A Google spider algorithm diminishes link exchanges as an SEO method.

Many websites ask domain owners to pay for lists of backlink and link exchange programs, i.e., paid link packages. But watch out that these are not simply a list of chat rooms, free classified websites, forums and message boards. Owners of websites named in the previous section delete users who are using their websites to promote their own website. Search engines, led by Google, often diminish or delete from their organic SERPs websites posting backlinks on chat rooms, free classified websites, forums, and message boards.

Since a webpage's content can be edited, when using backlinks and link exchanges, always surf to webpages containing hyperlinks to your webpages making sure the hyperlinking webpages have not been changed, deleted, or working against your website. Bad or no hyperlinks could get your webpages' deleted or diminished in SERPs ranking. If your hyperlinks on domains you don't own are contained in hidden text, it means search engine spiders cannot read your hyperlinks. Thus, such hyperlinks are useless.

For this reason, linking becomes contractual with the parties agreeing to how hyperlinks are displayed and how the contract is amicably broken.

Affiliate marketing

Means running a company's banner or hyperlink on your website. When a visitor to your website, clicks on the banner or hyperlink, goes directly to the company you are affiliated with, and purchases one of their products or services, you, the affiliate, are paid a pre set commission. Google has set an algorithm to its search spider to diminish affiliate marketing banners and links in Google's unpaid search engine results. Google diminishing affiliate marketing hyperlinks should not dissuade anyone from using affiliate marketing since, a legal and legitimate way of making money.

Google has posted white hat guidelines for submitting your webpages to Google's spider though more impressions for a domain following these guidelines are unguaranteed. Google has not posted just how many hyperlinks will result in a Google SEO penalty which Google frequently hands out. This does not mean I will never recommend to clients not to use Google's search engine. But clients need to be warned Google does much to diminish webpage results in Google's search engine's unpaid listings.

Internal hyperlinks

At least one of your webpages, a sitemap, should hyperlink to all your other webpages. None of the hyperlinks on your domain's sitemap should be placed in hidden text since the search engine's spider cannot read hidden text. and list links to all your website's webpages. Free classified websites use each of their pages as a site map for that subdomain. These webpages, because they are in hypertext markup language, are easy for search engine spiders to crawl. But the search spider's algorithms decide how to index each link that is crawled. High listings for your webpages in organic SERPs are unguaranteed.

Since broken hyperlinks can bring down each of a domain's webpages in a search engine's organic SERPs, when changing a webpage's URL on your domain, change the URL's address on all pages of your domain the URL appears on.

Side Wide Links

Side wide links appear in webpages' footers, sidebars (a.k.a. side rolls), and tag clouds. Though Google may have started a war against these hyperlinks as well, I will continue to use side wide links to help's visitors navigate this website.

External hyperlinks:

Hyperlinks to webpages on domains you do not own.

You have no control of the content or design of external webpages you are linking to. The content, design, and URL of external webpages can be changed or the webpage can be deleted by the domain's owners. Always check external links to ensure they still exist and the reasons you linked to the webpage are still relevant.

Black Hat Hyperlinks SEO

Listed below are two unethical black hat SEO tactics which could see your webpages deleted from or diminished in a search engine's organic rankings.

Doorway pages

The webpage might be programmed with meta refreshes or redirects automatically sending impressions to the webpage the domain owner wants impressions to visit. One example, is clicking on on a search engine's results but going to


Emailing people hyperlinks to your webpages and asking them to click on it or trying to sell products and services via unsolicited emails. Please be aware, under the American CAN SPAM Act, and a similar Canadian law, any email sent for the purposes of solicitation requires a functioning opt out usually labeled as an "unsubscribe" hyperlink.

Black hat keyword SEO also exist.


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