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Adam Vaughan & John Tory: A Parade to Rain On

On June 20, 2016, Mayor John Tory, surrounded by Toronto area Liberal MPs announced, in order to fight gun violence, 600 000CD in Canadian government spending to create youth jobs in Black Creek, Jane-Finch, Lawrence Heights, and Rexdale.

Speaking at the press conference was Adam Vaughan, who does not represent any of the aforementioned ridings, and who, when he sat on Toronto's city council years ago, voted against a casino in Rexdale which would have brought jobs to Rexdale. So, Adam Vaughan, a guy who cost Rexdale thousands of jobs by voting against a Rexdale casino now says the federal government Vaughan is apart of can create 100 jobs in the four above named areas of Toronto. Tory has since announced his support for a casino in Rexdale but the casino has not materialized.

Kristy Duncan, the MP who represents Rexdale, and who has had nothing to say against shooting deaths in Rexdale, was not at the press conference announcing the funding.

Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, did not attend the press conference but was at the Toronto Congress Centre, at 655 Dixon Road, on the southern end of Rexdale. Trudeau said nothing of the 600 000CD allocation.

The folly of the allocation is shown by this article quoting Tory as saying the allocation will not completely curb gun violence in Toronto. In fact, there is no explanation as to how this 600 000CD will curb gun violence.

The 600 000CD does nothing to get out of the neighborhood people known for violence such as the three Toronto police officers who in 2015 assaulted Bolla. A 23 division officer told Bolla's family to get out of the division after the Bolla family attempted to file a criminal complaint against the police officers. As of today, the officers who assaulted Bolla have not been charged with any crimes and Tory has said nothing in support of Bolla or the Bolla family. Get violent cops out of our neighborhood.

Thousands of people are out of work. Tory says the 600 000CD will create 100 jobs, meaning on average, each job will cost Canadian taxpayers 6000CD. Tory didn't say just how much of the 600 000CD would go to the bureaucracy and how much would go to pay the salaries of the 100 who get hired.

Tory also didn't say if the 100 who get hired live in community housing or million dollar homes. How do we know if the created jobs will go to those who need work the most or will employers make sure to hire only those who fit the employer's hiring profile?

Also, not explained is these are white collar or go nowhere blue collar jobs or how long these jobs will last. In 2011, Adam Vaughan, called Rexdale an industrial park.

There is also no explanation as to why people get into a life of crime. How many people, now leading a life of crime, have been subjected to any or all of the following and found no other option other than leading a life of crime?

Rejected for employment?

Had jobs so low paying they couldn't make ends meet?

Jobs below their intelligence level?

Told by employers handling clients and money or making decisions was something the employer was not going to allow them to do?

Why would someone making hundreds or thousands of dollars per day on trafficking humans, illegal drugs, and weapons, be interested in jobs where they could make less than $100 per day?

There is also no investigation into company hiring practices though the stories below says there should be.

An employer tells a black or ethnic person their business has no white collar jobs. There suddenly is a white collar job when a white person shows up.

In 2009, a Food Basics supermarket closed in Rexdale. Six weeks after the closure, I coincidentally met one of the Food Basics cashiers who told me she had applied for a cashiers job at a high end supermarket in Rexdale only to be rejected for employment because she had never worked at a high end supermarket. The cashier told me both interviewee and interviewer were white females of approximately the same age. The high end supermarket did not contravene Ontario laws against rejecting a candidate due to age, gender, or race.

This same supermarket interviewed men for customer service jobs which turned out to be general labor jobs with no customer contact. The company needed general laborers but lied to men saying their jobs were customer service.

In another case, a teenage boy and girl were hired by a Downsview retailer. The girl, who hated mathematics, was hired as a cashier where she had to deal with numbers all day. The boy, who liked mathematics, was hired for stockroom work where his mathematical skills were useless. The girl could have moved from cashier to working in the store's cash office. The boy only had more stockroom work to perform. This store's policy is to hire girls as cashiers and boys as stock clerks without checking a candidate's skills, likes and dislikes.

In 2014, during Toronto's mayoral campaign, Tory announced, if elected mayor, he would be a "youth employment ambassador", create thousands of youth jobs, and double by 2015 the number of businesses participating in the Toronto Partnership to Advance Youth Employment (PAYE).

Did Tory, by 2015, double the number of businesses participating in PAYE? If not, why is Tory not being held to account for not keeping an election promise?

Why is Tory not being held to account for promising thousands of jobs but now promising 100 jobs?

Why are all those people who endorsed Tory for Toronto mayor not being held to account for endorsing a candidate who has not kept his promises to double the amount of businesses participating in PAYE and to create thousands of youth jobs?

The list of Tory endorsers includes, but is not limited to:

Denzil Minnan-Wong, Toronto city councilor and currently Toronto's deputy mayor
Gary Crawford, Toronto city councilor and currently Toronto's budget director
Gloria Lindsay-Luby
Peter Leon
The owner of the Lucky Moon supermarket

In 2017, Adam Vaughan, was given more federal money for youth job creation without anyone knowing what happened to the $600 000 Vaughan received in 2016 nor who watches what Vaughan does with the money Vaughan has received in 2017.


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