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White fast twitch muscle fiber recruitment occurs while using exercises such as power cleans and snatches which last one to two seconds per repetition and need quick explosive movements using various muscle groups especially in the legs and upper body. White fast twitch muscle fiber recruitment occurs when power exercises are performed at one to four repetitions per set with the heaviest weights an athlete can lift.

Recruited white fast twitch muscle fibers can be fleeting and must be used quickly before dissipating.

10 meter sprints which usually require less than two seconds for Olympic short sprinters such as the now retired Usain Bolt per 60 second period is what I have used to recruit white fast twitch fibers for athletes of all ages and sports.

Per 60 second period means the athlete is given two seconds to sprint 10 meters and 58 seconds or more rest. Usually a timer is set to 60 seconds. The athlete sprints each time the timer counts down to zero.

After stretching exercises, a standing drop start is used.

  • The athlete stands at the start line with one foot forward.
  • I shout "Take your mark! Set!". Then I clap my hands together immitating the sound of the starting gun.
  • At this point the athlete sprints 10 meters.

Places used for 10 meter workouts include corridors, courts, fields, sidewalks, and tracks. 10 meters is measured using a tape.

Twelve to fifteen 10 meter sprints are used per workout. These number of repetitons were decided on because 120 and 150 meters are often used as overdistances for the 100 meters. Often as little as one 10 meter running repetition is used to save the athlete's energy and to prevent over training. I have usually stopped workouts each time an athlete has taken 2+ seconds to complete a 10 meter sprint. Though arbitrary, this is the only guide I have. When an athlete says "no mas", this coach listens.

10 meter sprints per 60 second period, a once in a blue moon workout open to contesters of any distance, can collect fast twitch white muscle fibers which along with strength training can produce the quick muscle contractions needed for sprinting, but nothing is guaranteed. Don't knock 10 meter sprints, a workout using the body's alactic anerobic energy system, as LOL until you've done it.

Though an over distance for the 100 meters was used to decide the total distance covered by the 10 meter sprints, any athlete competing at any distance can use this workout.

10 meter sprints show athletes they must move their arms as quickly as possible in order to get faster, which is why athletes recruit white fast twitch muscle fibers. Many athletes end these workouts with pain acrosss their shoulders, quadriceps, and other muscles. Massages, stretching exercises, and time (which could take several days depending on the intensity of 10 meter sprints) are required for muscle recovery.

10 meter sprints are one way of recruiting white fast twitch fibers which can also be recruited using distances of 20 meters, 30 meters, and longer, each with little rest. If you chose to use your own designed workouts, please remember, short burst of speed with short rest works best.

10 meter splits as they applied to Ben Johnson, Charlie Francis, Tim Montgomery and Usain Bolt


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